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Vision, Mission & Goal

Our mission is to prevent diabetes.  Our Vision is that everyone will become a Self Health Advocate.  Through your giving , donations and the annual **Pink & Blue Ball fundraiser, our goal is develop and implement a successful Health Education curriculum in every school system through out the United States.  


You & I Against Diabetes Foundation invite You to

Become a Community Coordinator for your City & State

We're gearing up for  Spring  2021 ........Most of you know  something about diabetes or  you may have a family member or friend with this dreadful disease.   Most Americans households someone is affected by diabetes in some type of way. That's way it is imperative that we approach our mission on Community level. Everyone should be knowledgeable about diabetes Prevention; in order  to combat this disease for the next generation.

We need to be vigilant about preventing Diabetes and changing the lives for those already affected by it.  The Annual Pink & Blue Ball  is our way of uniting with communities throughout this country to Prevent Diabetes!

The Pink & Blue Ball  is an annual nationwide event that provides you with an opportunity to help us make a difference in the lives of people affected by Type II Diabetes.  One of our long term goals is to host a ball in every major community across this country. We want to propel diabetes prevention to the forefront and build a national network campaign that provides support directly to your community.  When you partner with us to Host the Pink & Blue Ball  in your city, you're making a difference right in your own community.

Community Coordinator Information


Thank you for your interest in Coordinating a Pink & Blue Ball for your City & State. Partner with us to make Diabetes Prevention awareness a national community movement. When you plan a Pink & Blue Ball in your city a portion of the funds raised go to help people in your local community. 

Your Partnership is Needed & Appreciated!