Let's Unite-Join the Fight-Plan a Ball

Become a Community Coordinator for your City & State

We're gearing up for  Spring  2020 ........Most of us have a family member who may have diabetes or we know  someone who has it;  diabetes affects the majority  of Americans household . 

We need to be vigilant about preventing Diabetes and changing the lives for those already affected by it.  The Annual Pink & Blue Ball  is our way of uniting with communities throughout this country to Prevent Diabetes!

The Pink & Blue Ball  is an annual nationwide event that provides you with an opportunity to help us make a difference in the lives of people affected by Type II Diabetes.  One of the You & I Against Diabetes Foundation’s  5-year goal is have every major community participating in this annual event. We want to propel diabetes prevention to the forefront and build a national network campaign that provides support directly to your community.  When you partner with us to Host the Pink & Blue Ball community event in your city, you are making a difference and you're helping us create a future ....without diabetes. 

Community Coordinator Information


Thank you for your interest in Coordinating a Pink & Blue Ball for your City & State. Partner with us to make Diabetes Prevention awareness a national community movement. When you plan a Pink & Blue Ball in your city a portion of the funds raised go to help people in your local community. 

Your Partnership is Needed & Appreciated!